Juicemaster Company was founded in 2000 and initially specialized in the supply of professional automatic juicer for juice & smoothie bars, and vending machines for the sale of juice. With the increasing of products range the company has significantly expanded the scope of initial specialization and now is in the top 10 of largest Russian importers of the equipment for Horeca market. Office and warehouse of Juicemaster company are located in Moscow. Since 2012, 100% of the shares of Juicemaster company are being owned by the German group, Hoga Line Export GmbH (Frankfurt).
juicemasterWe sell the following:
- The entire scope of professional machines for juice & smoothies industry: automatic juicers, multi-purpose and wheatgrass juicers, blenders, freshly-squeezed juice vending machines, chemicals for machines maintenance and all the relevant accessories.
- Coffee machines and accessories: classic horn espresso coffee-machines, superautomatic machines, coffee grinders, barista accessories and chemicals for everyday maintenance of espresso-machines.
- Ice-makers producing ice-cubes and ice-scales.
Our company is sole exclusive distributor of the following vendors: ZumexBlendtecQualityFry, Wessamat, Dosilet, Smartwurst, Nutrifaster, Victorian Baking Ovens, Neumarker, Hogastra, HOGA, Syno, Dexter-Russell, Wilbur Curtis, Zevro, Chef Revival, Ruby Manufacturing, ZumoNat, Rotor Lips, Convemat, Puracycle, Reg Barber, Pallo Coffeetool, K.COM

Our major customers are the following: SBARRO pizzeria chain, Coffee-House cafeteria chain, Shokoladnica, Cafemax, New-York pizza, SPAR supermarket chain, Kalinka Stockmann, Lenta supermarket chain; Nostalgie, Domodedovo Air Service restaurants; Ararat-Park Hyatt hotel and many others.
Эксклюзивный дистрибутор Zumex в России

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